Conan O’Brien Jack White Rock

Conan O'Brien Rocks with Jack White

Conan O’Brien Jack White Rock – If Conan O’Brien ever decides to leave comedy behind, he has a place in Rock N’ Roll music alongside Jack White. On Thursday night, after Conan had hinted that he would be collaborating with White on his Twitter account, the two of them took the stage and performed in front of a crowd of 300 people that they had invited to the event. O’Brien opened the show with a rendition of Elvin Presley’s “Blue Moon.” By all accounts, both O’Brien and White rocked the house well.
The covered a number of songs from prominent recording acts including Willie Nelson and The Stray cats. The crowd reportedly loved the performance and cheered wildly throughout. Conan eventually took a step away from the planned set list, and sang Radiohead’s “Creep.” White unexpectedly joined him on stage. The two of them continued to play together throughout the night, even performing a cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Twenty Flight Rock.”
O’Brien would later say that the event was “the most fun he’s had in show business.”

O’Brien is a well known rocker turned comedian who often will take an opportunity to play music in front of a crowd. To play alongside Jack White would be an honor for most musicians, and most of them would probably be left in his dust on stage. Conan seemed to keep up with White quite well and played alongside him throughout the night. The two of them joked around on stage throughout the performance. O’Brien would go on to describe the event afterwards;
“The energy in the room was incredible: The band lit by a dim red light, the hot Nashville air thick with excitement; the room packed to capacity – it was a scene the likes of which I’ve never experienced.”

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