Conan O’Brien Injured Video

Conan O'Brien Injured Video

Conan O’Brien Injured Video – Conan O’Brien Injured VIDEO can be seen here.Conan O’Brien who hit his head on Friday while taping a stunt for the “Tonight Show” with Teri Hatcher explained what really happened by saying:

“As many of you may know, on this past Friday’s show I was doing a stunt and I hit my head and suffered a slight concussion. And I promise, if you’re a good audience, I’ll do it again tonight.” “I hit my head so hard that for five seconds I actually understood the plot of ‘Lost.'”

He added:

“Tune in tomorrow when Eva Longoria pushes me down an elevator shaft.”

Maybe Conan O’Brien should stay away from the “Desperate Housewives” they seem dangerous in and out of their kitchens.

That’s all we have for now on Conan O’Brien Injured Video.

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