Conan O’Brien Tonight Show Review

Conan O'Brien Tonight Show Review

Conan O’Brien Tonight Show Review – Conan O’Brien hosted the Tonight Show for the first time on Monday night and although the audience was laughing the critics are singing another tune.Randee Dawn of The Hollywood Reporter:

“After one show, let’s say he’s a work in progress.” O’Brien commanded the stage, but seemed more comfortable laughing it up with erstwhile sidekick-turned-announcer Andy Richter than in interacting with his 380 audience members.”

David Hinckley of New York’s Daily News :

“lasted too long.” “He’s from the world of sketch comedy, not monologues, and he sticks with an idea as long as he feels something funny could happen.”

Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly:

“All in all, a large-scale, impressive debut,” “But we all know that success in late-night depends on the long haul — Conan knows this as well as anyone. So now I want to see how he follows up his glitzy debut.”

USA Today’s Robert Bianco:

“Overall, the show wasn’t O’Brien at his funniest, but it was funny enough to get by.”

Dave Letterman said to his audience on his show Monday night:

“I’m still here.” “I knocked off another competitor.”My mother had called him to say, “Well, David, I see you didn’t get the Tonight Show again.'” When he said he told his mom that he had Bill Cosby as his guest, his mother replied: “‘OK, maybe I’ll switch from Conan.'”

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