Conan 60 Minutes Interview

Conan 60 Minutes Interview – Conan O’Brien took a break from his tour this weekend to give his first post “Tonight Show” interview to Steve Kroft of 60 minutes. O’Brien aired on Sunday on CBS and it’s the day that his contract with NBC comes to an expiration date. The late night comedian had something in store for him on the show. He won’t be be appearing on any promotions or advancements for the show because his contract with NBS clearly states that he can’t be featured on print or in broadcasts until the contract officially expires, May 1st.

Kroft highlighted the situation by saying CBS might just do some promotions for the interview while blanking out O’Brien’s face to hear to his contract rules and regulations.
O’Brien, the redhead comedian will be featured on 60 minutes so that he can discuss why he is leaving NBC after they pushed his show back a half an hour to allow Jay Leno the position in his late night spot. He isn’t aloud to say anything negative about Jay Leno although Leno did take his place as the host of “The Tonight Show.” O’Brien hasn’t done any interviews since his last episode of “The Tonight Show” which aired on January 22 so this will be his first.

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