Community Season 2 Episode 2: Watch Accounting For Lawyers Online S02E02

Community Season 2 Episode 2: Watch Accounting For Lawyers Online S02E02 – Community season 2 episode 2 called “Accounting for Lawyers” aired this evening on NBC. “Community” got off to another great start with their premiere episode of their second season. Jeff Winger ran into a former law firm colleague which are Allen (Rob Corddry), who goes to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at Greendale.

He attempts to re-connect with the person that he once was only to find out that he is a different person that has changed drastically since he spent his days partying late and wearing expensive suits. Alan takes Jeff to a law firm event so that he will be able to see his former boss, who is played by Drew Carey, and the study group comes to rescue him from the event.

A number of other characters also sneaked into the offices so that they can gather some dirt on Alan. It made an interesting episode as we get to see a little bit of the backstory on Jeff’s life. So far, he has been a bit of a mysterious character throughout the show, and it is interesting to see that he used to work for a law firm. Hopefully the writers decide to delve deeper into the paths of our characters so we can better understand how they came to be the way that they are in “Community.”

The show has been a runaway success and it is easy to see why. The relationships between the characters are complex, even if the show itself is very light hearted. It will be interesting to see where they take the show throughout the rest of the second season.

Here are few jokes from the episode:

“Is the Dean planning another ridiculous event, or is the Greendale hat club still struggling to be noteworthy?”
“I painted a tunnel on the side of the library. When it dries, I’m going for it.”
“I’m a teacher. Wait. That’s worse than the truth. I’m a student.”
“You’ve gone from precious to annoying.”
Troy’s trying to Jedi mind control the janitor who caught him and Abed in Alan’s office.
“Narced? Hm. But he’s like way too primo for that, Frank Zappa.”
“Did you know that Gogurt is just yogurt?”
“I had a dream that one day I’d be head of a firm so nobody would be able to talk about the big weird hole in my hand.”
“What’s great, though, is that you don’t stare or ask any questions.”
“I wanna rub Purell on my brain.”
“She’s a stripper. Life sued her, and she lost.”
“Did you know there’s an island in Indonesia where you can hunt people?”
“Britta. You’re not a whore. Shirley. Jesus turned the other cheek. He didn’t garnish wages. Pierce. Do I even need to say this? It is bad to hunt man for sport.”
“If I wasn’t actively repressing my bi-curiousity right now, I would kiss you on your beautiful mouth.”
“And now … the puppet.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Community season 2 episode 2.

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