Community Season 1 Episode 23:Watch Modern Warfare Online S01E23


Community Season 1 Episode 23:Watch Modern Warfare Online S01E23 – Community Season 1 Episode 23 called “Modern Warfare” which was brilliantly directed by Justin Lin aired last night on NBC. “Modern Warfare” of Community was somehow able to sum up all the greatest action scenes and movies into one solid episode. We’ve never seen action films be directed so well, especially in an under-budgeted television show. This episode was every great action film and if not then it was even better then anything you could have seen before. Even when you first saw action films as a little kid and were so excited to finally see what grown ups watch, this went over the top of even that.

The paintball game in the episode was a pleasant surprise. Everyone enjoys paintball and we got to see Jeff and Britta going at it for a bit. In the end, the half hour episode was something that was fun, exciting and well crafted. You could actually like it so much you just watch it again after its over.
The episode starts out with Jeff waking up from a long nap that he took in his car. Little does he know that the entire university has gone into chaos and there is trouble erupting. Everything was perfectly filmed all the way down to his love for Britta and how she cares for her injured soldier. It was clearly there to just reel you in for the love scene but it was well done and it worked on me. However, it was more than just that, there was a lot of meaning to it. Britta told Jeff he was a good person and Jeff only complimented that statement when he decided to give Shirley his priority registration that he received as a victory prize.Jeff’s got some muscles packed on him which you can clearly see. He won his paintball competition but ultimately Community scored big points for this episode and needs to be recognized for their promising achievements.

Here are few hilarious quotes from the installment:

“What it is, soul brother!”
“Want my advice? Pork her and move on.”
“He said, fully erect.”
“Come with me if you don’t want paint on your clothes.”
“You could schedule all your classes on a Monday, and then take a six-day weekend!”
“I am not an ambassador. I am a gladiator.”
“Write some original songs!”
“I thought it was paint, but I’m just bleeding. Talk about luck!”
“Everybody out there is shooting each other for nothing while you sit there in your ivory tower.”
“Could be me. I’m sporting a man thong.”
“Hey, Abed. Your girlfriend will meet you at the flagpole in ten minutes. Goodbye.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Community episode 23.

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