Community Season 1 Episode 14:Interpretive Dance Online S01E14


Community Season 1 Episode 14:Watch Interpretive Dance Online S01E14 – Community Season 1, Episode 14 called “Interpretive Dance” which was directed by Justin Lin and was written by Lauren Pomerantz aired last night on NBC and was all about secrets.Jeff struggles to keep his affair a secret with Professor Slater.Troy and Britta choose to reveal their secret dance classes to their friends.While Britta has some secret feelings for Jeff.Here is the premise of the episode.

The gang discovers that Jeff (Joel McHale) has a new girlfriend but he is determined to keep his affair a secret and makes them promise not to tell anyone.But like wild fire the news hits Twitter and eventually reaches Dean Pelton who asks him to end it because teacher/student relationships are not allowed.Meanwhile, Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) have secrets of their own and decide to share it with their friends.Britta reveals that she is a dancer ,the gang mocks her,pushing Troy to lie and tease her too.But at the end Troy lets his passion for dancing in tights known to his friends who accept him. Jeff and Professor Slater keep doing it.And Britta concluded that she made Jeff a better man for another woman to enjoy.

Last night the network aired a really funny episode and here are few hilarious jokes/quotes we liked:
– “as soon as we touch, the blinds will open, and six annoying but lovable misfits will be staring at us.”
-“I feel like if you need to explain it, it’s not just like this.”
– “Tea for two? There are five people up there.”
-“You know, when I was thirty people used to wish that I was dead to my face. That’s called respect.”
-Britta: “Who is the lucky brunette?”Jeff: “Last name: Beeswax. First name: Noneofya”
-Pierce: “My third wife was biracial.”
-“Culturally it’s unacceptable, but it’s theatrical dynamite!”
-“You all thought I was dead, didn’t you? I’m not Mickey Rooney!”
-Dean Pelton played Jim Rash by referring to Jeff as “No. 2” and then the statistics teachers as “Prof. 7.” And
What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Community Season 1 Episode 14.

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