Comedy Central New Shows

Comedy Central New Shows – Comedy Central will be vastly expanding upon their current programming lineup. There will be a number of different shows, some of them new, and some of them old. Perhaps the most prominent addition to the lineup will be the return of the animated television show “Futurama.” The show was created by Matt Goening and was cancelled before its time in 2003. Futurama will be returning to comedy central with at least twelve episodes, pending the acceptance of another season after that.

Another highly anticipated show that will be appearing on Comedy Central is The Onion Sports Network. The show will operate very similarly to the way that The Onion is currently run, but instead of providing fake news from stories around the world, the show will be spoofing regular sports broadcasting. The show will be one half hour long, which has left many to speculate whether or not they will be able to fill the entire half hour with worthwhile programming.
Another show that will be appearing on the network is titled Workaholics. Workaholics comes from the sketch comedy group Mail Order Comedy and will be a workplace comedy in the same vein as The Office starring Steve Carrell. The show will feature three friends who work and live together. Throughout the show they start to resemble college fratboys when they start showing up late for work and staying out all night and getting drunk.
Other shows that will be appearing o the network include Russell Simmons Presents: Stand Up at the El Rey, Big Lake, and Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time. The sketch show will feature comedian Nick Swardson, who you will likely recognize from his stand up comedy specials that have premiered on the network.

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