Christina Hopkins Apology Letter

It appears as though “Bad Girls Club” star Christina Hopkins has shown just how much a bad girl she can be and is trying to put out the flames with a public apology.

It’s reported that in response to a story posted by the celebrity website TMZ, that detailed a racist rant she allegedly made, she apologized for the incident.

Hopkins says in the letter that she was “egged on by anger and alcohol” but actually says she takes full responsibility for her “inexcusable comments”, TMZ has reported.

What’s extra funny is that Hopkins found an employee at TMZ who happens to be African American, someone she’s never met before and contacted them instead of the standard procedure of contacting the departments that handle stories.

Such rants have been made before by celebrities and far too often alcohol is a major contributing factor however that doesn’t mean the alcohol is responsible for the tirades.

Nowadays celebrities have to be on their toes as such comments can be captured and sent globally in a matter of seconds causing the celebs to engage in major damage control like in the case of actor/director Mel Gibson who destroyed his career with racist and sexist comments made while drunk and sober.

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