Chris Hansen Arrested For Child Molestation Hoax

Chris Hansen Arrested For Child Molestation Hoax – A number of recent rumors have claimed that Chris Hansen was recently arrested for suspicion of child molestation. It has now become clear that these rumors are false, and were part of an internet hoax via the popular user-edited site Wikipedia. The company does everything in their power to make sure that all of the entries on the site are factual, but the site is so popular that inevitably some slip through the cracks.

Chris Hansen hosts the popular “To Catch A Predator,” program. The show lures child molesters online by having employees pretend to be young girls. They set up a meeting location, and once the man is inside the house, Chris Hansen confronts them in front of the cameras. He then attempts to get them to admit to their intentions, and shows them the chat log that was used to lure them to the location. He then releases them, where they are arrested outside.

The Wikipedia page was updated to say that “Chris Hansen was arrested for Child Molestation on September 3, 2010. He was the #1 searched term on Google following his arrest.” The person reportedly placed the sentence on Wikipedia in an effort to drive traffic to his website. Most media sources have decided not to name the website in an effort to thwart his plans. Chris Hansen and his representatives have yet to comment on the story and now it appears that they will not need to, as it has been confirmed as a hoax.

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