Charlie Sheen’s Two And A Half Men Remains Big Despite Actor Problems

Charlie Sheen who originally couldn’t figure out which treatment facility he wanted to go into, is now committed to going through an actual program for his problems.

Although the actor’s specific addictions have to be fully disclosed, it has been reported that the actor has been involved in some serious partying with numerous women, sex, and drugs.

When the news first broke about Sheen’s wanting to go into a rehabilitation facility there were a number of places that were trying to sway his preference towards them because of his wealth.

Sheen has now officially decided on an undisclosed location which will he will go to for the duration of his treatment.

His manager Mark Burg has come out to the public with a statement, saying that his children are doing fine and that is he committed to getting the help he needs to stay clean and sober.

Apparently Sheen himself is looking forward to the chance to do what he calls starting over fresh and getting another chance to be a better father and a healthier person overall, something that will prove to be challenging but not quite impossible for actor.

Despite his personal problems Sheen’s hit TV show “Two and a Half Men” was the most watched program on TV last night with over 15.1 million viewers.

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