Charlie Sheen Winning In Cleveland, Ohio

Call him the newest “Come Back King” as Charlie Sheen has overwhelmed the Cleveland, Ohio crowds in his latest tour event.

Sheen had started out bombing at his first concert in Detroit, Michigan as he so underwhelmed the audience that people started leaving and booing him.
Things got hostile there that he was criticized up and down by his then fans.

He had to regroup and then went to Chicago the next night and redeemed himself with a fun and entertaining evening leading critics to take a gasp at his resiliency.

Next came Cleveland where TMZ’s insiders give us the scoop on the success of Tuesday’s show.

Sheen has now conquered every venue he’s undertaken from talk radio, TV, websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and every other media outlet. He has been the center of attention more than any celebrity in years and it’s all due to his fighting it out with CBS and the producers of his hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men”.

What happened tonight in Chicago has cemented Sheen as a celebrity that can take the most vicious punches and roll with them. He calls himself a warlock and is more like “The Invincible Iron Man” comic book character.

The Sheen antics are far from over but with the support from his growing concert fans no one knows what new outburst is going to explode into more publicity.

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