Charlie Sheen Webcast: Sheen’s Korner New Web Show

In another turn of events in the life of Charlie Sheen, the embattled movie star will broadcast his own live stream webcast Saturday night called ‘Sheen’s Korner’.

The wild show aired at 7pm PST via Ustream. With Sheen the center of global media attention his new radio venture may break records as he broke records for his Twitter account this past week.

There’s no telling what Sheen will say on the air, whom he’ll attack, whom he’ll defend but this new twist for Sheen is likely to generate him more money and attention as there’s no telling what will happen next in his life. Many fans are expected to tune in for his first radio broadcast and he’s got enough star power to bring in guests no other radio hosts can bring in.


Over 600,000 people tuned in to watch “Sheen’s Korner,” where Sheen blasted publicist Stan Rosenfield, played fart noises and revealed his winning tattoo, his home is named “the Lodge.”
He also promised to air his show everyday.

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