Charlie Sheen ‘Two and a Half Men’ Lawsuit Moves Forward

Charlie Sheen is back in the news as he’s apparently lost round one in his battle with Warner Bros. that had fired him from his hit TV sitcom “Two and a Half Men’.

The court decided that Sheen couldn’t get a public court trial which is what Sheen wanted. He’s suing Warner Bros., for $100 million for firing him from his show. Sheen had hoped the judge would rule that the arbitration clause in his contract which basically says any disputes would be handled behind closed doors to be invalid, however the judge disagreed but the judge did allow the arbitrator of the contract to decide if the matter would be resolved in public or in private.

This allows Sheen and his lawyers to plead with the arbitrator to go for a public venue.

Warner Bros., is happy with the judge’s decision, however now the issue is up to the arbitrator who alone will decide if the matter is to be resolved in public or private.

Sheen wants the public venue trial so as to garner more attention. That’s obvious, he wants the public support. His old show now has a new lead, and is shooting episodes to air in September. The clock is ticking to see if the show keeps the ratings or dies on the vine.

If the show remains a hit, Sheen loses, if the show fails, he wins. If he wins his battle in court as well he’ll not only be more wealthy but far more famous.

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