Charlie Sheen To Make $100 Million From Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen is going to rake in over $100 million for a tv show he no longer appears on.

That’s because the embattled star’s former show “Two and a Half Men” will continue to send in royalties in syndication and online venues for years to come. With 177 episodes in his pocket the show is still a money making juggernaut even if they show no longer produces episodes.

Speculation says that if Warner Brothers can bring in about $4 million an episode for the show in just domestic syndication alone, Sheen can be looking at around $500k per episode.

Generally, hit sitcoms in syndication bring in lucrative deals for smart players and Sheen’s contract will determine what he’ll net from the reruns.

Although “Two and a Half Men” went into syndication three years ago it’s a bet with all the publicity that Sheen has garnered will make more networks and online venues willing to carry the show as the curious will be rubbernecking just to catch a glimpse of the show that has made history in one way or another.

Add to that the DVD sales and perhaps new media down the line and Sheen is going to be making money left and right. Not only that but even if the show continues without Sheen he has a clause that brings him in money regardless.

It’s sweet for Sheen no matter which way he turns and the results will make media history for sure.

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