Charlie Sheen Slams Emilio & Oliver Stone

There’s more to Charlie Sheen than meets the eye and now with his up and down success on his concert tour he’s on the defense again.

Sheen showed up at Radio City Music Hall and the concert didn’t go as well as planned.

Sheen had previously bombed in Detroit on his first outing but later redeemed himself in Chicago and all thought that he was on the way to greater stardom, however, the Friday night concert found the New york audience booing him and heckling him even thought signs had been put up warning the audience not to heckle and disrupt the concert.

More reports are coming in from disgruntled ticket holders as Sheen’s venue kept going in directions that the public either likes or dislikes.

This however doesn’t mean Sheen is out of the running, it’s showing that part of his concert routine, the most popular part just might be with audience heckling!

These things happen and that is why Sheen’s tickets keep selling out.

People aren’t going to his concerts to enjoy his wit and wisdom alone, they may just start showing up to get into arguments and fights and insults from Sheen. Inadvertently Sheen may have created a new concert genre.

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