Charlie Sheen Shines In New York

Well it looks like Charlie Sheen is back on top as his second concert in New York at the Radio City Music Hall turned out to be a success.

His first outing was somewhat of a disaster reminiscent of his first concert in Detroit, Michigan where he bombed. He then redeemed himself in Chicago and a couple other appearances but then got booed and heckled in New York a few days ago.

After a concert in Connecticut that went well he regained more steam with his latest New York fare.

Sheen continuing to be a major force in the media and entertainment world as he keeps bouncing back from adversity. He turns tragedy into triumph and after breaking numerous records for Twitter and Facebook memberships as well as sold out performances.

With this victory it appears that sometimes Sheen wins and sometime he loses but he’s gaining experience.

He can even look at the heckling and booing as a plus to his fame and growing performance presence by using that antagonism to his benefit.

We may see that Sheen has created a new form of celebrity concert venue and as he gains more fans he may turn out to be a major showman.

He keeps promoting he’ll go back to this show “Two and a Half Men” but the producers say that it is highly unlikely. However, if Sheen succeeds this summer with his concerts he may be a force that shouldn’t be denied.

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