Charlie Sheen Returning On Two And A Half Men?

Once more the battle rages between Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros., as his lawyer Marty Singer discloses to the TMZ site that “There have been discussions as late as Tuesday, and all parties have been involved, Warner Bros., CBS, Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen”.

Of course Singer is referring to the new controversy regarding Sheen’s claims that his former employers may be willing to get him back on his hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men”.

The media is abuzz about the rumors and Sheen has repeatedly expressed his desire to return to the show even though for months now he’s been vitriolic about his former colleagues, network, and employers. He’s lashed out against them publicly and lawyers have been exchanging salvos ever since.

WB had publicly stated that there were no discussions with Sheen but the story points out that the discussions Sheen mentioned were in regard to contractual agreements and pay as well as an accounting statement.

Since Sheen’s firing from the show, rumors have abounded that he might one day return. WB has heatedly expressed there is no redemption for Sheen, however, this is Hollywood and money does the biggest talking around these parts.

CBS knows that if Sheen returns they’ll have to pay him more but the ad revenue will skyrocket, viewership will soar, and their legal costs will drop.

Will Sheen return?

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