Charlie Sheen Interview On Today Show: Actor Declares War On CBS

“Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen is all over the news in his war against CBS.

Sheen has appeared on several news shows including ABC’s “Good Morning America” and NBC’s “Today” over the past week going postal about how CBS canceled his tv show because of his partying ways and drug rehab issues.

You have to take into account that Charlie Sheen actually passed two drug tests and is totally clean. CBS didn’t see eye to eye with him even though his TV show is the #1 sitcom on television and makes CBS a mega ton of money.

Sheen won’t let up in his tirades and is now demanding $3 million per episode to come back and on top of that he’s reportedly suing CBS for $300+ million for mental anguish. Can you believe it? Charlie Sheen is suing CBS for over $300 million because of all this conflict and drama.

Sheen started it all when he appeared on “The Alex Jones Show” last week and launched a tirade at CBS and Alcoholics Anonymous and other such companies and groups. Sheen didn’t mince any words in regard to whom he sees as his enemies and there’s no telling what else is going to jump off from the latest news.

It’s a good bet that CBS will either get tired of Sheen and defend themselves or they’ll buckle under and meet his demands. If they do, it will make Charlie Sheen one of the most powerful entertainers in the business. He’ll have proved that he’s not to be messed with.

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