Charlie Sheen Fired

Well the inevitable happened. CBS has officially fired actor Charlie Sheen from his hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men”.

The news came today with lots of media fanfare as the public was wondering when Sheen was finally going to get the boot after weeks of ranting all over the internet, tv, radio, and in print.

The statement from CBS was very brief and didn’t mention if the sitcom itself was going to be canceled or not.

If not then we’ll probably see Sheen’s character exit the show and a replacement put in.

Rumors about a replacement have circulated for weeks and it’s certain with as much publicity that Sheen’s vitriolic rants have garnered will make any replacement and the premiere of the next season a must see event.

Sheen on new Ustream video program vowed revenge via a lawsuit and it’s sure that the debacle is far from over.

Sheen’s supporters are still strong with a million or more and climbing fans on his Twitter and other social network venues chiming in their displeasure and opinions.

Other celebs have been careful about adding their two cents and the media is quick to jump on any tidbit of new info from the star and especially CBS.

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