Charlie Sheen Cashing In

Fans of actor turned mega celebrity wildcard, Charlie Sheen have a new place to hang out and get the latest information from their favorite star.

Sheen launched his official site and that’s where the fans, the curious, and the press can get the news straight from the warlock’s mouth. Sheen is taking pride in his new website which is sure to be an internet traffic monster given his supernova blast of stardom.

Sheen is busting out all over with the expansion of his persona and products and his official website puts to rest his fans and others from hopping from one website to the other trying to find out what’s happening with the former star of the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men”.

Sheen is using the site to hawk his upcoming projects, online shows, tickets to upcoming events, t-shirts and more.

Sheen has also shown his support for the victims in Japan by offering the proceeds to his upcoming events to the Red Cross’ efforts to help the people suffering from the earthquake and tsunami.

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