Charles Barkley SNL/Alicia Keys Saturday Night Live In New York

Charles Barkley/ Alicia Keys SNL pictures

Charles Barkley SNL/Alicia Keys Saturday Night Live In New York – Charles Barkley hosted SNL/”Saturday Night Live” this weekend with Alicia Keys as musical guest.Here is a recap of the show.
Opener: CNN’s Situation Room with Jason Sudeikis playing Wolf Blitzer – Gen. David Petraeus and the Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh hold a press conference to talk about the treats that al-Qaida represents and Fred Armisen did an incredible job as Saleh.The exchange with the journalist played by Bill Hader in Arabic along with water,animal milk lines were hilarious.

Monologue: Charles Barkley talks about hosting the show 16 years ago when he was in great shape and at the top of his game but “now I play bad golf, drink and sometimes get arrested.” He also took a poke at his notorious gambling habit by saying he won 20k on the Cowboys-Eagles game. Kenan Thompson appeared briefly and did a great Barkley impersonation.Barkley also hits on an “audience member who was a pretty Jew” he says, “I been in the NBA a long time, I know a freaky white girl when I see one.” There was nothing spectacular about that monologue.

Thomas Peepers Insurance Commercial : It was the best skit of the evening where Bill Hader played the insurance company guy that watches over you at all times,even when you are naked,when you are sharing your first kiss and even when you are unclogging your sink.
Reel Quotes : Bill Hader wearing a strange wig,hosts a game show that tests the contestants’ knowledge of movie quotes. Charles Barkley plays a clueless Blockbuster who is a really a demolition man.Hader asks him to complete “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid” Charles responds “You shouldn’t be lookin’ at kids, Reg.” Kristen Wiig plays the other contestant who talks too much.A boring skit.
MacGruber : MacGruber takes on a new friend who is black and his name is Darryl but he keeps on calling him “Da-RELL” and we discover that MacGruber had a lot of racist comments to make towards Darryl.It was funny but very offensive.By the way they are going to make a movie out of this sketch.
Ski Retreat sketch : This is probably one of the best skits of the night,where Kristen Wiig plays a Marilyn Monroe-type character who is very unsexy and is very awkward on a stripper pole.Charles Barkley, Andy Samberg, Will Forte, and Kenan Thompson all appeared in the sketch but Wiig’s seductive charms stole the show.
MacGruber: MacGruber gets into more racial trouble, simply asking for a black pen,so he tries asking for an Asian pen,then a Chinese pen.It was very good.
Inside the NBA : Andy Samburg plays a little boy with what they called Overwhelming Corpse Disease/OCD and he keeps shouting random sports cliches that really pisses Charles Barkley off.Not too funny if you ask us.
MacGruber : MacGruber who is trying to make up with Charles Barkley’s Darrell decides to go to Africa and comes back wearing traditional garb,reveals that Spike Lee is his friend ,talks about Martin Rufus King and he is not in a gang.It was was not as funny as the two previous ones.
Alicia Keys performs Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart,she sounded good,her hair looked great but that piano was useless and she needs to stop dancing.
Weekend Update: Bill Hader does a good James Carville impersonation, but the writers forgot to write few funny jokes for the skit. Andy Samberg shows up as Nicholas Cage and ditto. And Fred Armisen comes back to do his New York Governor David Patterson impersonation so expect few viewers to get offended again.Seth Meyers had a great line: It was announced this week that Lady Gaga will be the new spokesperson for Polaroid. It’s a natural fit, because just like a Polaroid, it takes a few minutes to figure out what you’re looking at.
The Haney Project Charles Barkley : Golf Channel skit :Charles attempts to solve his golf swing problems with the help of Hank Haney.Barkley seriously made fun of himself which made us laugh.
SNL Digital Short:Alicia Keys arrives home and calls Lionel for some phone sex but all goes wrong,here is the transcript:

Keys: “That was a crazy night. I’m a little tipsy. SHould I call him? No, I gotta stay strong. Maybe just this once.”Hey girl. What’s up?”
Lionel: “Is this a freakin’ booty call? It so works out because I’m super horny.”
Keys: “What are you wearing?”
Lionel: “You mean over the diaper?”
We later finds out that the sexually suggestive conversation occurred while Lionel and a larger group of people are staging an intervention to get one of his friends out of crack. Either Alicia Keys is a bad actress or she had no idea what they were going to put on the other end of the line when she taped her scenes.

Alicia Keys performed “Empire State of Mind, Part 2”:She has a classic in her hands,we wonder how Jay-Z feels about it?
Scared Straight: Macintosh Jr.(Thompson) and Macintosh Sr. (Barkley) use movies to explain how kids are treated in prison when they commit crimes,so many prison rape jokes were used that we lost count.
Barkley’s Bank: Forget about Barclays Bank,try Charles Barkley’s Bank,he promises: “If you are looking for a new way to manage your money, I am either going to double it or loose it all. That’s a promise.”
This was one of our least favorite episodes of the season,despite having Barkley making a fool of himself in several skits.Are the writers still on holiday or what?

That’s all we have for now on Charles Barkley SNL:Alicia Keys SNL.

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