Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 3 Episode 1

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew: Season 3 photos

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew season 3 episode 1 premiered last night VH1.We were introduced to the new group of celebrities who need help with their drug and alcohol addictions and who will go a 21-day detoxification program at The Pasadena Recovery Center.In the third installment of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew ,counselor Bob Forrest and house resident Shelly Sprague will be aiding One Day at a Time star Mackenzie Phillips; former “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss; actor Tom Sizemore; former NBA star Dennis Rodman; country singer Mindy McCready; ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr; and former Playboy Playmate Kari Ann Peniche.Former America’s Next Top Model fifth-season contestant Lisa D’Amato and former The Real World Hollywood cast member Joey Kovar are also there trying to stop abusing substances.
That’s all we have for now on Celebrity Rehab Season 3 Episode 1.

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