CBS Happy Days Lawsuit

Somebody call The Fonz!

The folks of the Happy Days TV show cast have gathered together to go after CBS for what they say is a breach of contract.

It started when several cast members discovered that there were some licensed merchandise bearing the Happy Days brand and their likenesses but they weren’t seeing a piece of the action.

The actors’ contracts give a specified amount of the net proceeds they’re supposed to get around 5% of the single image of their likeness and 2% if it’s an image of the group.

According to their lawyer, the contract for using their likenesses has been breached and the actors are looking for explanations and recompense.

CBS said they acknowledge the actors are due some cash but it’s only less than $10,000. The actors say it’s more like millions.

It appears some of the stars have fallen on hard times which seems impossible given the years they spent on the screen, rerun royalties and overall fame.

Now with digital or online showings one would think they’d be raking in the dough but apparently no.

We’ll have to see if a Happy Days Facebook page pops up or if the Fonz, Richie, Potsy, and Ralph team up with Charlie Sheen for support against CBS on Sheen’s tour.

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