Castle Season 3 Episode 2: Watch He’s Dead, She’s Dead Online S03E02

Castle Season 3 Episode 2: Watch He’s Dead, She’s Dead Online S03E02 – Castle season 3 episode 2 called “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” which was directed by John Terlesky and written by Moira Kirland aired last night.

“Castle” is back and captivating audiences who had to wait through the summer drought. The producers apparently wanted to dump most of the plot lines that they were working on from last season including the murder scene and abandoned partnership story lines and work on a brand new story for “He’s Dead. She’s Dead,” the premiere of the new season.
The newly reunited partners work together to track down a murderer after a girl turned up dead laying on a sofa. Throughout the investigation they realize that the girl may have actually predicted her own death through examining the crime scene.

The premiere is filled with puns and dark humor that “Castle” has become known for. While it looks as though the drama may be behind our characters, you never want to jump the gun and assume that they have completely ditched the old story lines in favor of new ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some of last season’s drama pop back up at some plot this season.

It will be interesting to see where they take the show from here. It has been a runaway success for Nathan Fillion who has been looking for a replacement show ever since the hugely popular but underwatched “Firefly” got cancelled earlier in his career. It is nice to see that he has another hit under his belt.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Castle season 3 episode 2.

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