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Carrie Prejean Larry King Live – Carrie Prejean Larry King video can be seen here.Carrie Prejean made a memorable appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live Wednesday night to promote her new book “Still Standing”.Things got really weird when Miss California went crazy on Larry for being “inappropriate” and ripped off her microphone for asking her about her settlement.Here is what Carrie said about her sex tape.

“There’s a video out there of me that I sent to my boyfriend at the time. And it was for private use. But does that justify my actions? No. And I take complete responsibility for the decisions that I made when I was a teenager. And I’ve learned a lot from it.It’s so important to realize that nothing is private anymore. I’m not perfect, and I’ve made mistakes, and I have learned from it. But I think that the biggest thing is that you own up to it, you take responsibility, and you just move forward.”

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