Caprica Episode 10: Watch Season 1 Unvanquished Online S01E10

Caprica Episode 10: Watch Season 1 Unvanquished Online S01E10 – Caprica episode 10 called “Unvanquished” which was directed by Eric Stoltz and written by Ryan Mottesheard aired last night on SyFy.

“Caprica” is a sci-fi show that is worth the effort. That is the biggest hurdle that most sci-fi shows have a hard time with. They not only have to get the audience interested in the characters, they have to get them interested in the universe as a whole. This means that they have to take the necessary time to build out both the universe and the characters, which can be a daunting task.

Fortunately for “Caprica,” they have done a very good job of that. We are treated to a number of family rivalries, wars, corporate takeovers and organized crime in a sci-fi world that is not all that unlike our own. The creators were able to bring a number of concepts to “Caprica” that are present in our own world, which allows the viewer to relate.

Although their world looks very much like ours, they always live in fear of attack from an outcasted religious group named “monotheists.” They are portrayed as bot crazy and misunderstood, depending on whose perspective you are looking at them from. Are they ruthless, or are they just fighting for their god given right to worship the god of their choice?

The answers are not easy to come by, but they do come. “Caprica” has mastered a “Lost” styled “answer-with-a-new-question” narrative that is hard to come by since “Lost” went off the air. Although sci-fi shows can be very hard to get into, “Caprica” is one that does right by its viewers.

Despite airing a very solid episode many fans are a bit upset that the series is now so focused on religion.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Caprica season 1 episode 10.

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