Cancelled TV Shows 2010

Cancelled TV Shows 2010 – The reports are dropping like flies and we are learning that many shows from various networks are being canceled.The list is long and some of the fans are really angry seeing that their favorite series are gone forever.It came to no surprise that Better Off Ted and Scrubs were eliminated but were shocked that Romantically Challenged got the can so early on.Here is the list of the shows that got canned due to bad ratings and weird storylines. Cancelled TV Shows 2010 can be found here.

Law and Order
Better Off Ted
Romantically Challenged

On a good note ABC has picked up six pilots for next season which include:
-Jerry Bruckheimer’s legal procedural The Whole Truth.
-Studios My Generation (which was previously titled Generation Y) which follows a group of former high school classmates.
-Detroit 187 which is the long awaited Michael Imperioli-starring cop dramedy .
-Mr. Sunshine where Matthew Perry will be playing sports manager.
-Happy Endings starring Elisha Cuthbert, about a group of friends looking for romance.
-Better Together which is about two couples in two very different relationships.
-No Ordinary Family which follows a superhero family.

That’s all we have for now on Cancelled TV shows 2010.

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