Caitlin Upton Brent Horne The Amazing Race CBS

caite upton

Caitlin Upton Brent Horne The Amazing Race CBS – Caitlin Upton (caite upton) the former Miss South Carolina who had difficulties with maps,words and the English language wants to continue entertaining you and has decided to team up with her boyfriend Brent Horne to compete for $1 million dollars on the 16th edition of CBS’ The Amazing Race. Caitlin told The Associated Press on her new adventure:

“People always picture me as the typical pageant girl, and I’m not at all.I’ve only been in five pageants. I’m actually a very athletic person. I’m just tired of being represented from that standpoint. I want to show people who I really am as a person, that I am capable of accomplishing anything and doing anything I put my mind to.”

Catch Caitlin Upton on The Amazing Race 16 when it premieres Feb. 14 at 8 PM EST on CBS.
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