Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 5: Watch Neighborhood Watch Online S04E05

Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 5: Watch Neighborhood Watch Online S04E05 – Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 5 called “Neighborhood Watch” which was directed by Kevin Bray written by Michael Horowitz aired last night on USA. Burn Notice never fails to bring something interesting into the scene every week. Neighborhood Watch undoubtedly brings the same action but it’s nothing when flagging down drug dealers and chasing dangerously after a serial killer are becoming routine for the show. It’s nice to see that the drama is picking up we just hope it’s aimed in the right direction. Michael Western played by Jeffrey Donavan has the spotlight on Burn Notice throughout almost every episode however his team does an excellent job in assisting him. This week the show delivered believable action but yet the same corny dialogue and predictable routines. While most of us watch Burn Notice for this cheesy aspect, it could still be improved upon without losing their loyal fan base.

In Neighborhood Watch, we’re reminded of Michael finding the tape that he had in previous episodes. However, this week we learn that the tape is very old and therefore he can’t find a player for it. When Michael sets out to look for some local electronic shops, he quickly realizes that he has a follower. Not to mention the follower is Kendra, the assassin. Michel being the sneaky man that he is decides to set out a trap and catch her. However, Kendra is just too smart for that and gets away. As it carries on the episode boils down to more and more action. Ultimately, the episode was able to provide plenty of engagement with Michael and Kendra’s meeting at the end, we couldn’t have asked for anything more spectacular.

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