Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Premiere 2010: Watch Season 5 Episode 1 Homecoming Online S05E01

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Premiere 2010: Watch Season 5 Episode 1 Homecoming Online S05E01 – Brothers & Sisters season 5 episode 1 called “Homecoming” which was directed by David Marshall Grant & David Babcock and written by Michael Morris aired this evening on ABC.

“Brothers and Sisters” threw everyone for a loop when they decided to jump a year into the future after the bloody car crash that ended the last season. Some fans were disappointed that we were not able to see the fall out from the car crash, while others were in agreement with the decision as it allows us to see how things turned out without having to spend much time witnessing the depressing grieving process.

However, even though the story jumped a year into the future, at times it still feels like they did not skip a day at all. All of the feelings are still fresh a year later and our characters are still struggling to find something to do with themselves in the wake of the crash.

Here is a brief presentation of the episode:

It’s been a year since the Walker family was torn apart by a tragic car accident, and in a very un-Walker like fashion, everyone has been avoiding everyone else. Truths and reality only start to set in when the family is forced to come together for Justin’s homecoming party: Nora tries to prepare for the party, but is not acting like the mother she used to be; Sarah is consumed with the Narrow Lake deal; Kevin has a new career as public defense attorney; Saul and Scotty are running their restaurant; and Kitty’s life has become a taboo subject for everyone.

Like previous seasons, the show has a tendency to seem a bit soap-operish at times, and this season is no different. The drama that we are used to is still there, but a lot of the situations just do not feel realistic and genuine as you might expect.

With Lowe’s character confirmed to be off of the show, it will be interesting to see how they go about writing his character off . He was not involved in the crash but has decided to move on from the show to explore other opportunities.
Next week in Brothers & Sisters season 5 episode 2 called “Brief Encounter” during Luc’s underwear advertising campaign we learned that 14-year-old Paige has gotten her self mixed up with some bad people and it us to the family to solve the situation.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Brothers & Sisters season 5.

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