Brothers And Sisters Season 5 Episode 3: Faking It S05E03

Brothers And Sisters Season 5 Episode 3: Faking It S05E03 – Brothers and Sisters season 5 episode 3 called “Faking It” which was written by Veronica Becker & Geoffrey Nauffts and directed by Michael Schultz aired last night on ABC.

This week’s “Brothers and Sisters” was able to shed some light on the events that took place over the course of the last year on the show. A complete year elapsed in between this season and last season, leaving many fans wondering what happened during that time. This episode was quite an educational hour filled with information about what happened during that year.

We get to see Kitty move into her new rental home and try to put herself in a number of situations that take her out of her comfort zone in an attempt to figure out the real her. Her story will be the focus of the episode.

During the episode it is also Sarah’s birthday, even if she wont admit exactly how old she actually is. We do know that she is “40 something.” Watch out for a surprise birthday for Sarah, who is not expecting any type of huge celebration. She even be a little upset about it.

There was also a reunion between Rebecca and Holly. They have not seen each other for quite some time, but their paths have almost crossed a number of times recently and the family thinks that its time they see each other once again.

This is by far the most informative episode of the season, even if it is not the most action packed.
We were really surprise to find out that Sarah she never told Luc her real age but he knew it all along because he’s seen her driver’s license.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Brothers & Sisters season 5 episode 3.

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