Brittany Fuchs

Brittany Fuchs

Brittany FuchsBrittany Fuchs/Britney Fuchs is a contestant on Momma’s Boys on NBC.Below is Brittany Fuchs biography.

Brittany Fuchs
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Occupation: Realtor
Age: 23
I balance my work in real estate with attending college, where I’m looking to obtain my degree in communications with a minor in marketing. I am very outgoing and love spending time with my friends and family. I feel I’d be a great daughter-in-law because I truly want to become a part of my man’s family – I would want to know and understand their values. I’m looking for a man who is ambitious, intelligent, and confident – but definitely not cocky. I enjoy reading, working out, traveling, the beach, live theatre, dancing, shopping, and museum openings.

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