Britney Spears Glee Cameo

Britney Spears Glee Cameo – Britney spears will be appearing on the popular television program “Glee.” The episode that she will be appearing on is dedicated to the hits that have spanned her show.
The show has seen its popularity rise at a spectacular rate since making its debut, and is now considered to be one of the most popular television shows. The series has had a number of A-List guests over the course of the last few years including John Stamos, Carol Burnett and other A-List celebrities.
The show mostly focuses on arts education, and many have said that the show is making a stand for keeping arts education in our elementary and high schools.

“The fun thing about the episode, how we’re doing it, is all the Britney Spears numbers are fantasies,” said Ryan Murphy. “They have fantasies about how they can be like her.”
He also said that he was nearly 100% sure that Britney would be on the episode in an interview with Ryan Seacrest.
It will be interesting to hear all of her hit songs sung by the stars on “Glee.” Britney has so many number one hits it will also be interesting to see which ones they choose to run with. The rumor is that Matthew Morrison will be shaving his head in homage to Britney’s bald haircut that she gave herself during one of her highly publicized nervous breakdowns.

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