Bristol Palin Levi Johnston Reality Show:Full-Season TV Deal?

Bristol Palin Levi Johnston Reality Show:Full-Season TV Deal? – The Palin family definitely knows how to market themselves. According to reports, Bristol Palin and her baby’s father, Levi Johnston are shopping around the idea of a reality show that will be based on their relationship. So far, there are no reports of any network interested in the concept, but there will surely be at least one network who is interested in the idea.
A source has claimed that they want a commitment for an entire series, but so far have only had interest in a pilot episode.

“There aren’t a lot of options for them out there, and this is their best chance at making a decent amount of money,” the source went on to say.
Palin, who is 19, and Johnston, 20, first came into the public spotlight after Palin gave birth to their now-18 month old son, Tripp. The couple broke up soon after the birth of the child, but have reconciled their differences and are now engaged. Johnston publicly apologized to Sarah Palin for a number of negative remarks he made about the family after their breakup.
Sarah Palin has not publicly nor privately given her blessing on the reconciliation. A reality show for her daughter could potentially expose some family secrets that would not help Palin in her assumed upcoming presidential bid. The chances that this show sees the light of day are slim, but it would be an interesting watch to say the least.
The couple may have to settle for filming a pilot episode before any network makes a full commitment.

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