Bristol Palin Forced To Do Dancing With The Stars By Mom Sarah Palin

Margaret Cho, Bristol Palin’s former partner on “Dancing with the Stars” told the press that the only reason she was on the show in the first place was because her mother forced her to be as the result of getting pregnant.

Cho claims that she heard from a reliable source that Bristol’s mother made her do it as some sort of punishment. Apparently Sarah blames her daughter Bristol for costing her the election.
While the election was going on, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the fact that the vice president candidate’s 16 year old daughter was going to have a baby, causing many people to call into question her parenting skills.

Although she was controversial at the time, she did help to boost the TV show’s rating when she was on Dancing with the Stars.

The mother Palin advocated for her daughter the entire way through the show, saying that she thought her daughter had a fighting chance when it came to dancing alongside all of the other people on the show.

One time Palin even stopped by and was on the set to cheer her daughter on as she hit the stage with the rest of the contestants. Right now it is unclear exactly what her mother’s motives were as to whether or not she actually forced her daughter to be on in the first place.

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