Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Rehearsal

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Rehearsal – Bristol Palin has had a media swirl around her for some time now. However, the teen mom has recently told reporters that she wants to set a good example for the other struggling mothers out there. Palin was engaged twice to her child’s father, Levi Johnston, however she recently called it off.
Palin has been asked to be a contestant on the show ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and has said that she wants to balance her role as a mother with her working life, and attempt to be an example for other mothers who may be in the same situation.

Palin and Johnston share custody of their son, Tripp, and Palin has said that their son will be living with her in Los Angeles during the filming of the show. Although this may be an intimidating situation for many young mothers, Palin is eager to overcome her fears and to experience new things.

Palin has been paired with Mark Ballas, who won the show twice with his former dance partners. Both were Olympians, Shawn Johnson a gymnast, and Kristi Yamaguchi a figure skater. Palin says she is exciting about getting down to business and working hard.

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