Bridalplasty TV Show E! – Extreme Plastic Surgery Reality TV Series

Bridalplasty TV Show E! – Extreme Plastic Surgery Reality TV Series – Reality television shows constantly push the envelope in terms of concepts and ideas for new series, but some argue that E!’s new series takes a new concept too far. The network recently ordered a wedding competition that deals with extreme plastic surgery. The network will announce a new series titled “Bridalplasty” where brides will compete in wedding themed challenges in order to win free plastic surgery.

Every week a group will go against one another in challenges like writing wedding vows and figuring out what they want to do for their honeymoon. A group of judges will determine who comes up with the best answer to each weeks challenge; the winner will receive a chance to have a plastic surgery operation that is on their “surgery wish list.”

The woman will receive the surgery before the end of each episode and the results will be shown at the start of the following episode. Each week someone is voted out in traditional reality show fashion until there is one winner at the end of the season.

The last one standing will then receive a “dream wedding”, during which she will reveal her new look to family, friends, and the groom. It certainly does seem to be pushing the envelope and will be the source of a lot of controversy once the shows start. The surgeon will be Terry Dubrow, who will oversee or personally perform each of the procedures.

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