Bret Michaels American Idol Judge? Replacing Simon Cowell?

Bret Michaels American Idol Judge? Replacing Simon Cowell? – Reports have stated that Bret Michaels had said that he thought he would make a great judge for the popular singing talent show, American Idol. This comment appeared to come out of the blue, and it appeared that Michaels was making an attempt to drum up interest in himself. However, more recent reports have stated that Michaels may have actually been reacting to interest from the studio. The former Rock of Love star has reportedly been approached by FOX, who inquired as to his availability to judge on the program. Simon Cowell, the star of the show, recently celebrated his send off, and will not be returning next season.
“I can’t say this is true yet, because I don’t know. Next year they asked me to possibly be the judge on American Idol,” Michaels said to a crowd during a recent concert.

However, a deal is not done, or even close to being done according to a few insiders. Fox has reportedly showed a great deal of interest in bringing on Michaels who has garnered a lot of attention from the press in recent weeks. American Idol executives also approached Sir Elton John about being on the program, who declined the invitation.
Michaels has not been shy about his wish to be considered for the position. He has said that he thinks that he would make a “great judge” on the program, and seems to be openly campaigning for the job.

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