Brandy Kuentzel: The Apprentice 2010 Winner


The final winner of this season’s “Apprentice” has been announced, with Brandy Kuentzel taking the title. Kuentzel went up against Clint Robertson in the finale, but ultimately she proved to Donald Trump that she was the one worth hiring in the long run.

This season’s contestants were all people that had been affected by the recession and found themselves without a job. Trump decided to give them a second chance, and offered them the opportunity to fight for a job with the distinguished Trump Organization.

The finale aired on Thursday, December 9, and required both contestants to plan a VIP event. Kuentzel had to plan a celebrity golf tournament that featured Kathy Griffin, while Robertson was required to put together a dinner gala that had Liza Minnelli in attendance. Although both events were successful, Trump had his fair share of criticisms for each.

The final decision was based off of each contestant’s vision of their future with the company. Kuentzel told Trump, “I would really learn a lot from you and I think that maybe, maybe I could teach you something along the way.” Trump said that Kuentzel was “outstanding” and said, “I want to congratulate you, Brandy.” He then gave Robertson the famous line, “Clint, you’re fired.”

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