Boston Med ABC:Boston Med TV Show

Boston Med ABC:Boston Med TV Show? – Boston Med started the beginning of their eight week journey onto the television screen last night. Reviews have been coming in and from what we’ve found, many enjoyed the premiere. Boston Med presented a goofy style of casting for summer TV enthusiasts. You’ll find interest within the show if you’ve enjoyed similar shows like Wipeout, Scoundrels or Rookie Blue. These are usually the type of shows that we see from ABC during summer and it came to no surprise that Boston Med was no different.

Boston Med is going to follow the stories and life and death of three popular Boston hospitals.You’ll instantly notice that the show is a documentary and shot similar to a soap opera at times which provide a different prospective to what we’re used to from a television show. Its soap opera moments could be considered a 5 star acting performance considering it’s not overly dramatic and sensitive like Grey’s Anatomy.

The first episode you get introduced to, Pina Patel is doing a four year residency at the hospital. She is trying to become a more authoritative figure in the hospital in order to help her in the emergency room. Daniel “Dibar” Dibardino is somewhat of a smart alike surgeon who would probably just bother everyone else if he wasn’t so gifted. Ultimately, the Boston Med episode was well crafted and although not like Grey’s Anatomy, that was a welcoming aspect of the show that we all could enjoy. Boston Med presented clear, well directed entertainment that was really easy to laugh at.

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