Boondocks Season 3 Episode 2:Watch B*tches To Rags Online S03E02

The Boondocks

Boondocks Season 3 Episode 2:Watch B*tches To Rags Online S03E02 – The Boondocks season 3, episode 2 called “B*tches to Rags” which was written by Aaron McGruder aired last night on Adult Swim.
If you needed to be schooled in rap music, well this was the perfect episode for you.
We learned about beefing,resorting to the “auto-tune” for a comeback and what happens to an artist when he or she hits rock bottom.
As for the plot of Bitches to Rags it dealt with Thugnificent’s new album flopping and in order to make money he had to do the one thing that scared him the most : get a real job- as a drug dealer of course.
Here is the summary of the episode:

Thugnificent’s new album flops, he has a rap beef with a 15 year old rapper, and the IRS is on him, he is then faced with the horror of getting a real job and becomes a local crack dealer. References The scene with Thugnificent trying to sell cocaine with Wunsler the 3rd to the record exec is taken from the movie Boogie Nights.

Overall it was an excellent episode of The Boondocks which brilliantly used satire to enlightened us on the current state of the rap industry.
No one was spared last night ,the young rapper named Sgt. Gutta who created a silly song was inspired by Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em,Thugnificent’s rant about the sales of his CDs is cutesy of Chris Brown who had a Twitter meltdown when his new album, ‘Graffiti,’ could no be found on the shelves at a New England Walmart after the Rihanna incident.
This installment magnificently touched on the excess bling bling that rappers live in today which always leads to the IRS knocking on their doors and being hit by foreclosure just ask Eve,Snoop,Nas,Method Man, Lil’ Kim and Flavor Flav about it.
The highlight of the episode was the fact that the writers resorted to the exacted lines that were used during the Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy laughable 2008 beef for “Sgt. Gutta vs. Thugnificent” rape battle scene.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Boondocks season 3 episode 2.

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