Boondocks Season 3 Episode 10:Watch The Story of Lando Freeman Online S03E10

Boondocks Season 3 Episode 10:Watch The Story of Lando Freeman Online S03E10 – The Boondocks season 3 , episode 10 called “The Story of Lando Freeman” which was directed by Sung Dae Kang and aired on Aaron McGruder aired on Adult Swim over the weekend.

Do The Boondocks ever really take a night off? It doesn’t really seem like the action ever lifts. Just when I’m caught up on the excitement from previous episodes I get hit with another jaw dropper. The season still has a few episodes left in it and it’s compelling to wonder what’s going to happen yet. In “The Story of Lando Freeman” we have Robert making his usual scene of frustration while Uncle Ruckus, Robert’s yard man, has grown angry because he’s constantly doing yard work for white people. Well shortly after comes in Lando who of course is the best handyman in town with better prices and no racial issues and discussion. Not to mention that Lando’s down to labor away for a cigarette and some orange juice. At the House of Cheecks Lando confesses that Robert might be his father, perhaps the reason he works for such minimal costs. A paternity test later in the episode later reveals that he is in fact Lando’s father.

While most of this season has been spinoffs from past episodes that have been remade into their own creation, this episode was a fantastic break from that attire. We’ve seen sequels, continuations and lots of references but this time around we got a true story about the characters.
The entire season of The Boondocks has been a real showcase. Boondocks has had outstanding episodes, controversial content that always provides for a great laugh but most importantly the Boondocks has had plenty of true “Boondock” moments to keep the good times rolling.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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