Bones Spin-Off Delayed

Bones Spin-Off Delayed – The creator of the hit television series, Bones, has explained why the show’s spin off has been delayed. According to reports, they have been unable to find the right actor in the right time. Because of this fact, the spin off has now been delayed until spring of two thousand and eleven. It has been suggested that between now and then, producers are going to try and find an actor to play Walter Sherman.

This is what sources say about the delay: “Bones” creator Hart Hanson. “The original idea was to start shooting on November 23, before we went off for Christmas. But to do that we would have to start prepping tomorrow and we have yet to find the right actor. We have a few people in mind, but it’s not going to happen in the next two weeks. Actually, the whole idea of it being on November 23 was floated as a production idea, I didn’t think it was ever going to happen and then somehow it got out that it was. So the studio is actually saying, ‘No, no let’s do it later in the season.’ Which is great, just perfect, but there’s nothing interesting to report.”

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