Blue Bloods TV Show CBS:Watch New Tom Selleck TV Series Season Premiere 2010

Blue Bloods TV Show CBS:Watch New Tom Selleck TV Series Season Premiere 2010 – “Blue Bloods” season 1 episode 1 which was directed by Michael Cuestaand written by Robin Green & Mitchell
Burgess aired this evening on CBS and started out strong with their premiere installement. This new cop drama has been highly anticipated by many because it features the return of Tom Selleck to full time TV. Known most for having appeared on “Magnum PI,” it will be interesting to see how Selleck’s acting has advanced over the course of the last few years.

The show is set in New York City, and “Blue Bloods” follows a family that is proud of the fact that they have multiple generations of police officers amongst them. Selleck played Frank Reagan, the oldest of the family and the New York Chief of Police. Len Cariou took on the role Frank’s father Henry, who at one point in time was also the Chief of Police in the city.

The siblings are- the oldest brother Danny (played by Donnie Wahlberg) who is a cop that will get the job done even if he has to go against the grain and break a few laws himself along the way. There is Danny’s sister Erin, who is portrayed by Bridget Moynahan, and is the Assistant DA, and her youngest brother Jamie, who is played by Dylan Moore, who graduated from Harvard Law but gave up on his path to become a lawyer to be a cop like the rest of his family.

The first episode is intense, and may leave you on the edge of their seat. The first crime that we see involves a child, and we get a firsthand look at the unorthodox methods that are used by Danny to obtain information. The first episode was great, and should find itself a healthy following fairly quickly.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Blue Bloods season 1 episode 1.

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