Blake Lively Rihanna On SNL:Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 8 S35E08

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Blake Lively Rihanna On SNL:Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 8 S35E08 – Blake Lively hosted SNL last night with Rihanna as musical guest,sadly for the Gossip Girl star she was not featured in the funniest skit,the singer was.Here is a breakdown of the sketches.

Opener: White House crashers :visually it was the best skit of the evening with Kristen Wiig doing an awesome job.Despite having Michaele and Tareq Salahi interrupting Obama from his speech to take few pictures,there were no real jokes.
Monologue: Muppets:SNL needs to stop with the bad musical.
Commercial Parody: Swine Fever:You could see that the writers lacked creative juice for that ad.
Vagisil Superstars of Bowling:Let us just say that we hope there is not a part deux of this masterpiece.
Situation Room: Tiger Woods aka “domestic abuse”:One of the decent sketches that had us laughing hysterically.
Digital Short – Rihanna & Shy Ronnie:Another good skit that proves that Andy Samberg needs more creative freedom and power on Saturday Night Live.
Gossip Girl: Staten Island:One word:Failed!
Kick-Spit Underground Rock Festival:Maybe it looked good on the paper but it sure looked awful on High-Def .
Rihanna performs Russian Roulette :The band over powered her vocals,or she is not that good of a live singer.
Weekend Update:Seth did a good job,but we sure do miss Amy.
Virginyakuh:Once more the writers forgot to include jokes in the skit.
UPS ad with Hader:One word:Hilarious!
Late Night with Chris Hansen:surprisingly funny.
UPS ad with Hader Part II:Two words:Nasty and Hilarious!
Rihanna sings Hard:This performance was way better than the previous one ,but that is because she had less stage time due to Young Jeezy’s appearance.
NASA Potato Chips:This was a Not Safe While Eating skit that was pointless.
In conclusion SNL delivered a terrible show ,where you can see that they are struggling to provide laughter to the audience.However Rihanna’s SNL Digital Short co-starring with Andy Samberg as Shy Ronnie on Saturday was outstanding.On a side note Kenan played every black person (Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, Sassy gold digger woman) last night which is not a good thing.

That’s all we have for now on Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 8.

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