Bill O’Reilly On Michael Jackson

Bill O'Reilly On Michael Jackson

Bill O’Reilly On Michael Jackson – Bill O’Reilly who hosts The O’Reilly Factor on Fox has been feuding with African Americans for days now after he stated that Michael Jackson was not an African American icon because he bleached his skin and had 3 white children. O’Reilly said:

“If he is such a black American icon, why did he have his kids with white men?There is an old saying you can’t choose your family and it’s true. The family of Michael Jackson honored his memory today in Los Angeles, and I do not wish to intrude on that. They are entitled to grieve any way they want, but Michael Jackson’s place in America is a legitimate topic of discussion and talking points is just about fed up with all the adulation. It is basically grandstanding and pathetic in the extreme. Yes the man was an all star entertainer, but that it, so enough with the phony platitudes ok?”

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That’s all we have for now on Bill O’Reilly Michael Jackson:Marc Lamont Hill.

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