Biggest Loser 2010 TV Show NBC-Watch Season 10 Online S10E01

Biggest Loser 2010 TV Show NBC-Watch Season 10 Online S10E01 – Are you excited about the 10th season of “The Biggest Loser” ? The newest season of the program which explores the idea of “paying it forward,” and featured 21 new contestants who are trained by Bob and Jillian.
The people trying to lose weight are:

Burgandy (Eagle Mountain, Utah), a military wife, foster parent and mother of five, Aaron (Kent, Ohio), the son of an alcoholic who hopes to be a better role model to his own son and Montina (Houston, Texas), a background vocalist for Beyonce who wants to look as good as she sounds. Viewers will also meet Tina (Boring, Ore.), a 58-year-old retired homemaker who was a swimsuit model in her younger years, and Adam (Santa Ana, Calif.), who hopes to lose weight and honor his mother, who died at age 51 from heart failure brought on by complications of diabetes and obesity.

Other new contestants include Sophia (Germantown, Md.), a high school counselor who lost her brother last year in a tragic car accident, Patrick (Vicksburg, Miss.), a former college football player who continued to consume large quantities of food long after an injury forced him to stop playing, Ada (San Francisco, Calif.), who longs to “finally be happy” after a difficult childhood with unsupportive parents, and Brendan (Boston, Mass.), a special education teacher who wants to practice what he preaches to his students about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.

Obesity is one of the largest causes of preventable death in the United States, the program is once more looking to broaden their reach in the United States, and is attempting to motivate entire communities. Jillian Michaels, one of the shows judges and hosts has been very involved in helping to spread the weight loss movement in the United States.
During the premiere episode of the season, they travel to seven different cities including Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland, Atlanta, Phoenix, Oklahoma City and Boston. During each stop, three of the contestants competed in a series of challenges.
The two who are able to complete their challenge first will win a spot at a ranch. Those who are unable to finish the challenge in the top two will receive a chance to win their way onto the show at a later date.
The contestants this season will be very similar to the contestants in previous seasons. They will all range from overweight to morbidly obese, and will come from a range of different careers. It should make for some interesting television, and should help to motivate many to lose weight across the country.

This season may have started with 21 contestants but after all of the challenges Aaron, Anna, Corey, Elizabeth, Montina, Sandy, and Shanna were eliminated.
So now we are left with 14 people meaning Ada, Adam, Allie, Brendan, Burgandy, Frado, Jesse, Jessica, Lisa, Mark, Patrick, Rick, Sophia, and Tina.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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