Big Brother 12 Episode 19: Britney Head of Household

Big Brother 12 Episode 19: Britney Head of Household – Big Brother 12 episode 19 aired last night on CBS and boy was it full of surprises. Here what happened in the installment:
The Head of Household/HOH, Brendon (who got the title by winning the “Oh What a Tangled Web”, HoH competition) had selected poor Britney, Matt, and Ragan to be the have-nots for the week which was not really surprising.
But he did shake things up a little bit when he revealed that the nominees for eviction were Lane and Ragan.What happened next, no one could have predicted it.

Here is a recap of the episode:

On Day 43, because Brendon, who was the current HoH, opened Pandora’s Box, he left the house for 24 hours and was replaced by Rachel, the last person evicted. Ragan won the Power of Veto and used it to take himself off the block. Brendon put Matt on the block to replace Ragan. On Day 48, during the live eviction, Matt used his Diamond Power of Veto to take himself off the block, and named Kathy as his replacement to go up on the block next to Lane.

After all was said and done Kathy was evicted by a vote of 5-0 and became the second BB juror.
Last night’s crazy HoH competition was an intelligence/memory one where the houseguests were quizzed about the ‘Simon Says’ game that took place and Britney won her first Head of Household after winning the funny competition.

Who do you think Britney will nominate?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Big Brother 12 episode 19.

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