Big Brother 12:Big Brother 12 Cast TV Show

Big Brother 12:Big Brother 12 Cast TV Show – During the last season of Big Brother, the house was divided into two separate groups. The two groups made for entertaining television, with their high school-style fighting and antics. Jordan Lloyd was able to win that season of Big Brother. This season of Big Brother will introduce a new element to the game, the “saboteur.” That individual will be responsible for causing problems and wreaking havoc in the house for the “peers” and “pawns.” While Big Brother has never shied away from the drama element of their show, this will be a step that takes drama to the forefront.
This season will feature an interesting assortment of cast members. Brendon Villegas works as a high school swim coach in Riverside, California. He is 30 years old and is working toward his Ph.D. in biomedical physics. Rachel Reilly is a student of chemistry and a VIP cocktail waitress from Las Vegas. She is 26 years old, and has said that she plans to use her good looks to manipulate members of the house.
Kathy Hillis is a deputy sheriff-sergeant from Texarkana, Arkansas. She is 40 and is the only contestant on the show that has been an officer of the law. She has said that she will work hard to avoid defeat. Enzo Palumbo is an insurance adjuster from Bayonne, NJ. He is 32 years old and looks as though he could be a contestant from “Jersey Shore.”

Anne Whittington is a bartender who has said that she would like to keep her bisexuality on the show a complete secret.
“There may be some more close-minded people in the house and I don’t want to be judged,” she said.
The “Big Brother 12” houseguests are:

_ Kristen Bitting, 24, boutique manager, Philadelphia

_ Lane Elenburg, 24, oil rig salesman, Decatur, Texas

_ Ragan Fox, 34, assistant professor, West Hollywood, Calif.

_ Andrew Gordon, 39, podiatrist, Miami

_ Britney Haynes, 22, hotel sales manager, Huntington, Ark.

_ Kathy Hillis, 40, deputy sheriff, Texarkana, Ark.

_ Matt Hoffman, 32, web designer, Elgin, Ill.

_ Hayden Moss, 24, college student, Tempe, Ariz.

_ Enzo Palumbo, 32, insurance adjuster, Bayonne, N.J.

_ Rachel Reilly, 26, cocktail waitress, Las Vegas

_ Monet Stunson, 24, model, Glen Carbon, Ill.

_ Brendon Villegas, 30, high school swim coach, Riverside, Calif.

_ Annie Whittington, 27, bartender, Tampa, Fla.

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